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Welcome to The Townies Podcast: Something like a mix between The Moth and Prairie Home Companion... if Lake Woebegone were real.

A home-grown kind of storytelling podcast.



Tara Jeffrey has been writing and performing her stories at Kim Maxwell Studio for many years. She is honored to be featured on The Townies Podcast.

VONS by Tara Jeffrey: A singer/songwriter, registered nurse, pilates guru, brilliant writer and loyal friend.  Oh what a tiny planet it would be without her.

Kayla Geronimo is a student at Besant Hill School. She has taken several classes at Kim Maxwell Studio and is very glad to be a featured storyteller on The Townies Podcast.

CINDERELLA by Kayla Geronimo: Kayla is my son’s girlfriend and apparently I’m not allowed to say anything. But I’m going to anyway. Kayla is an uber intelligent, soft-spoken, freckly bundle of love. She’s a keeper.

Journey Zephyr has been writing and performing his pieces in Kim Maxwell's workshop since he was an angsty teen. He is very excited to be featured on The Townies Podcast.

MORBIDLY OPTIMISTIC by Journey Zephyr: So this impeccably home-schooled, Lord of the Rings worshipping, Howard Zinn obsessed, filmmaking 20-year old walks into a studio -- and we all live happily ever after.

Lily & Stella literally grew up in Kim Maxwell's writing, performance and storytelling workshop. They are beyond excited to be featured on The Townies Podcast.

ACCEPTANCE by Stella Slaughter with Lily Brown: Soul sisters of our annual Multi-Family Sespe Backpacking/Camping pilgrimage. Stella and Lily have grown accustomed bug bites and sand in their pancakes. They love Gossip Girl, Harry Potter World and Britney Spears. Lucky.

Musical Interlude by

Ryan Beaghler has also been a student of Kim's for many years. Now studying theater at Pace University in New York City, Ryan has called Kim his mentor. And is thrilled to be on The Townies Podcast.

THE PRESIDENT by Ryan Beaghler: Ryan cannot be described as one man. A college student taking too many credits, a dedicated artist who writes his own work when a part doesn’t come, a drag queen to slay them all, Ryan is fiercely talented. And his eyebrows are better than mine.

Chloe has been a student of Kim Maxwell's since her teenage years. She's a fan favorite and is very excited to be on The Townies Podcast.

YOUR HONOR by Chloe Snyder: Acerbic , smart and beautiful -- this Alaskan native -- former model -- talented actress -- storyteller extraordinaire -- is now the hilariously bent mother of two. My hero.

Bios written by Lily Brown & Kim Maxwell


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