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Welcome to The Townies Podcast: Something like a mix between The Moth and Prairie Home Companion... if Lake Woebegone were real.

A home-grown kind of storytelling podcast.

About The Townies Podcast

The Townies Podcast logo: "Uncle Rusty," Dilly Thacher & Ellie Barnes, c. Downtown Ojai 1917, Louisa "Weezy" Hagen Family Archive.

A hometown kind-of-storytelling podcast featuring the original stories of the Ventura County residents who have been in Kim Maxwell's writing & performance class over the last 25 years.
Some of her students are professionals, some have never been on a stage before. All stories were written, performed and recorded at Kim Maxwell Studio in Ojai, CA.


HighRollerBaby: ★★★★★ I LOVE The Townies!! I'm always looking for great storytelling... I have been trying to find something along the lines of The Moth which is another favorite. This podcast is full of real, relatable people telling heartfelt, often hilarious, sometimes tragic stories. I can't stop listening!

AIntrepid: ★★★★★ Wisdom and heart-felt joy from an unsuspecting corner of the world. Thanks for saying what we're all feeling! Totally worth a listen!

Lil Blume: ★★★★★ Unbelievably raw, brave and beautiful. This podcast has made me do one of those mid-sip water spits in public and I wasn't even mad about it. Equal parts hilarious and tragic- I am thankful to the people of Ojai for bringing so much joy all the way on the East Coast. I adore them all. Thank you for your words.

+++joniedee***: ★★★★★ A big THANK YOU to all the Townies who so bravely wrote and performed their personal stories! I strongly urge all of you who are lucky enough to land here to give this podcast a listen. You, like me, may just come away with inspiration you've been looking for to follow your bliss! Please keep the stories coming - I want more!!!

Smalltowngirl77: ★★★★★ You can feel the intimacy of the setting as you're drawn into this series of quirky, funny, moving sometimes profane and always profoundly human stories. Performed in Ojai, CA - my favorite small town - you get a bird's eye view of the ups and downs of small town life as well as adventures in the big, bad world beyond. The grace, guts and heart of these stories and storytellers spill out all over the stage. I'm a Townie!

GeraldBerns: ★★★★★ For most of the last century, the great, wise philosopher, thinker and author J. Krishnamurti chose Ojai, CA as his enduring place of residence. For decades just below the gentle hills of Ojai, he spoke to thousands in a grove of oaks. Time having passed, the good news is there is now a new conduit of, by and for all ages that is presenting wise, witty, heartwarming and intelligent story telling. This humble portal and pod cast of and for a life both examined and laughed at is The Townies emanating from Ojai, CA., which I heartily recommend. As the great Gypsy Boots once said, "Don't panic, go organic." An organic experience awaits all listening to the podcast of The Townies.

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