The Townies Podcast®

From Kim Maxwell Studio

Welcome to The Townies Podcast: Something like a mix between The Moth and Prairie Home Companion... if Lake Woebegone were real.

A home-grown kind of storytelling podcast.

About The Townies Team

KIM MAXWELL, Creator: Mrs. Maxwell's transformative style of coaching has inspired beginners and professional actors for over 30 years. With her compassionate guidance, students undertake the fulfilling and transformative process of discovering, developing and performing their own stories. From preteens to senior citizens, Ms. Maxwell’s students, over a thousand in number, have gathered in theaters, detention centers and living rooms throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties to have their stories heard. Kim is also a community activist. She has also volunteered hundreds of hours to community organizations ranging from public and private elementary, junior and high schools to multiple local non-profits.

KEN EROS, Co-Producer, Studio Engineering & Mixing: A California-based producer, engineer and mixer, Ken is also a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter for the trip-hop band Green Man. His studio and production skills have helped several artists attain Grammy® nominations, including Truth, by Robben Ford (“Best Contemporary Blues Album”- 2007), and Be Bop Your Best, by Red Grammer (“Best Musical Album for Children” - 2005). When not reading technical manuals or nerding-out completely in the studio, Ken can be found walking along Ojai’s Shelf Road, and doting on his dogs.

Lily Brown enjoying a namaste moment at The Townies Podcast launch party on March 4, 2017 at Topa Mountain Winery.

LILY BROWN, Co-Producer, Staff Writer & Website Designer: In 2015, Lily received her B.A. in Spanish, Drama & Political Science from Bennington College. Now graduated, Lily works as the Content Writer and Managing Director/Producer for Kim Maxwell Studio and Co-Producer of The Townies Podcast (described by a reviewer as “The Moth meets Prairie Home Companion… high on fermented Pixie tangerines”), while also continuing to pursue her career as a writer, storyteller and actress. Lily is thrilled to have attended The Thread at Yale in June 2017. Having studied Spanish for 11 years and French for 4, it is her love of language that propels her interest in words and the power of stories.

Asa Learmonth, senior at Bennington College, sipping coffee from a Kim Maxwell Studio mug during a Townies Podcast meeting.

ASA LEARMONTH, Co-Producer & Writer: is currently a senior at Bennington College studying theatre and philosophy. Growing up in rural Vermont, podcasts have intrigued, entertained and captivated him from the ripe young age of fifteen, and he feels lucky to have this opportunity to help The Townies Podcast come into fruition in any way he can. 


CAROL COHEN RAMSER, Managing Producer: Carol spent years as a gypsy magazine photographer before she tried on the producer hat.  Since then, she has produced hundreds of widely seen images, commercials and documentaries.  When she’s not helping artists realize their vision or babying avocado trees on her ranch, she can be found trying to expand the universe.

Lauren Glass is a marketing mastermind and The Townies Podcast is really lucky to have her on the team.

LAUREN GLASS, Marketing Advisor: A creative, enthusiastic, advertising executive and an au courant content curator with a proven record of accomplishments in developing and leading comprehensive marketing and creative campaigns. The challenge of learning new skills is something she welcomes. Her straightforwardness, humor, and compassion for others allows her to navigate situations gracefully. She's a 24/7 thinker, big picture dreamer, lover of the absurd, and animal enthusiast.

Sarah Hartigan works as a copy editor for Patagonia by day and helps The Townies Podcast with out content by night.

SARAH HARTIGAN, Content Writer: A Patagonia copy editor by day -- and rock climbing, Search and Rescue team member by night, Sarah frequents the stages of Kim Maxwell Studio and the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in LA. She is also the editor-in-chief of Kim Maxwell Studio's upcoming collaborative blog.

Beautiful local Ojai witch, Emma Bailey lights sparklers at The Ghostlight Project event at Kim Maxwell Studio.

EMMA BAILEY, Jack-Of-All-Trades, Helper Queen: Emma is the most mysterious girl in town. Is she an art foundation assistant? Yes. Does she work at the bookstore? Yes. Is she a private chef? Yes. Does she disappear into hills and thickets for hours nowhere to be seen? Yes. Kim Maxwell Studio has been her literary home base for seven years. As Kim always says, "many hands make light work" and Emma is happy to lend her hands to support whatever projects Kim has cooking. 

RAIN PERRY, Theme-Song Writer/Performer: Rain's “Beautiful Tree” was the theme for the CW Network’s Life Unexpected, on which she also had the surreal pleasure of appearing as herself. She has released four albums on her own Precipitous Records, as well as writing and touring a solo play about her childhood called Cinderblock Bookshelves: A Guide For Children of Fame-Obsessed Bohemian Nomads, directed by Kim Maxwell. She just released The Shopkeeper, her first film.

*Theme song recorded and mixed by Martin Young, mastered by Mark Hallman at The Congress House.


RICHIE MCCORD, Video Content Director: Viral video maker and Internet Entrepreneur, Richie joins the ranks as Videographer and Video-Editor for The Townies Podcast.  As a new edition and Ojai native, Richie hopes to add a new spin to the game.


MATTHEW GREGORY BROWNE, Audio Director for Video Content: Matt became a Townie at the tender age of three, and subsequently called Ojai his home for the next 15 years.  After college, Matt returned to Ventura County to pursue a career in healthcare.  Having a strong passion for digital art and new media, Matt has designed, produced, and been a consultant for a variety of web, video, and interactive media projects over the past decade.