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Welcome to The Townies Podcast: Something like a mix between The Moth and Prairie Home Companion... if Lake Woebegone were real.

A home-grown kind of storytelling podcast.



Katie is an adorable, badass feminist who's been taking Kim's class for many years now. She is thrilled to have been selected as a storyteller for The Townies Podcast.

WHY YOU DON'T WANT TO BE WITH ME by Katie Rae Newcomer: Katie is a Golden Girls loving, Masters Degree toting, musical theater nerd -- with a wicked sense of humor and a leaning towards all things social justice. Katie is like -- if Patty Lupone and Bernie Saunders had a love child.

Rain Perry is the singer/songwriter of The Townies Podcast theme song as well as being a KMS class taker for many years.

WASTED by Rain Perry: A singer-songwriter, activist, filmmaker, mom, neighbor, strawberry-jam-making guru -- I met Rain Perry at a Summit Elementary School PTO meeting and we have been building playgrounds, taking each other’s classes and making art together ever since. She is the composer and performer of The Townies Podcast theme song and my best friend.

Ilis is beyond thrilled to be in The Townies Podcast.

NUMBERS by Ilis Geronimo: Botany and math and ceramics and songwriting and bugs and beaches and buildings with vaulted ceilings and puppies and seals and anything with big brown eyes. Ilis started off in my teen class -- but is now off illuminating the halls of higher learning with her beautiful words.

Musical Interlude by

Also a copy editor and content writer for The Townies Podcast, Sarah loves Kim and Kim Maxwell Studio.

HELPLESS DARTBOARD by Sarah Hartigan: A Patagonia copy editor by day -- and rock climbing, Search and Rescue team member by night. Miss Sarah frequents the stages of Kim Maxwell Studio and the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in LA. She is also the super-fancy editor-in-chief of our upcoming collaborative blog at KMS.

Woody is very glad to be in The Townies Podcast as a storyteller.

GERMAPHOBE by Woody Brown: The cleanest high school senior you will ever meet. Endlessly sharp-witted and snarky, effortlessly hilarious and kind, Woodrow is obsessed with fairness, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and environmental science. He is my son and awesome and well -- my favorite boy in the whole world.

Noah Crowe is always the most optimistic man at KMS. He is so excited to be in The Townies Podcast.

THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES by Noah Crowe: Once upon a time Noah was a 5 foot nothin’ theater nerd in my Saturday morning teen class. Noah is now a 6 foot 2 world traveling artist/adventurer perpetually off to New York or London or South Africa. He is a Solar Power Consultant, Burning Man Regular and a brother-slash-uncle to my kids.

Bios written by Lily Brown & Kim Maxwell


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