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Welcome to The Townies Podcast: Something like a mix between The Moth and Prairie Home Companion... if Lake Woebegone were real.

A home-grown kind of storytelling podcast.



Rick Rennix is thrilled to be featured on Kim Maxwell Studio's The Townies Podcast.

NEVER DOUBT I LOVE by Richard Rennix: A silver-haired, Shakespeare-obsessed, freak-show of an English teacher for whom it is entirely impossible to communicate without gesticulating. I wish he had been my English teacher. Richard lives in the middle of an orange grove with his stunningly beautiful amazonian wife of 46 years.

Now pursuing her storytelling career in New York City, Morgan is beyond thrilled to be featured on The Townies Podcast.

THE FIFTH by Morgan Flannery: Our beloved Morgan has recently relocated to the other coast. She’s a sound-engineering, forever-learning, personal-story-writing independent type of woman who can enjoy a good Oreo milkshake, a long walk in the foothills of Ojai or the view from her new apartment in New York City.

Lily has been taking her mom's class since she was 13 years old. She's thrilled to have her piece Drought featured on The Townies Podcast.

DROUGHT by Lily Brown: A recently married, recently graduated, bilingual, feminist, activist, Bennington Girl who has her sights set on Hollywood, a rescue puppy and a sensible commuter car. Born at the Ojai hospital -- Lily is the ultimate hometown girl, co-producer of The Townies Podcast -- and the very-best, most-amazing-daughter that this Mommy could hope for.

Also in NYC, Saul loves Kim, KMS and The Townies Podcast.

LETTER by Saul Gordillo: A Peruvian-descended, hot-headed, highly-articulated pioneer for human rights and anti-bullshittery. Saul has been in my class since he was a surly-ass 12-year-old boy. He has been fearlessly flinging is poetry and beats across the county ever since.

Doug Green is Kim's biggest fan; he is working towards his one man show with Kim an is thrilled to have a part of his full show featured on The Townies Podcast.

MAN LESSONS by Doug Green: A full-on genius -- non-profit-consulting guru/social justice icon by day and monster storyteller by night. Doug and his spectacular and extensive collection of bow-ties are the most sought after resources in all of Ventura County.  

Kathleen always dreamed of being an actress on the stage. With her plethora of stories, Kathleen plans to occupy Kim Maxwell Studio's storytelling classes until she runs out. Which she never will. :)

THIS LIFE OF MINE by Kathleen Hellwitz: Miss Kathleen has been officially dubbed, “Front Row Lady” for her delightful propensity to sit front-row-center at any arts related anything in the realm of this tiny town. Aside from having been EVERYWHERE and seen EVERYTHING -- Kathleen is the kind of sassy, well-read, well-traveled, bra-burning grandma we should all aspire to be.

Bios written by Lily Brown & Kim Maxwell

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