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If you are looking for places to donate to victims of this devastating fire, we would like to direct you to the following organizations that are providing relief to affected people all across the communities of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties:


100% of proceeds goes directly to the fund. United Way of Ventura County, United Way of Santa Barbara County, the American Red Cross of Ventura County and the Ventura County Sheriff's office of Emergency Services have formed a strategic partnership that will be vital in helping the community recovery.  Text UWVC to 41444 or click the link below to donate.


The Mixteco/Indigenous Community Organizing Project (MICOP) has been instrumental in providing and advocating for invaluable translation services for Spanish-speaking residents. They are also acquiring and distributing masks to vulnerable communities, including but not limited to our area's farmworkers who continue to work in the fields even in these toxic air conditions. Click the link below to donate. Call (805) 396 - 3262 to ask about volunteering opportunities.


HELP of Ojai combines community and individual resources and responds to the identified, unmet basic human needs of individuals in the community, including seniors, families and youth, this fundraiser is specifically focused on Fire Relief and 100% of proceeds will be directly committed to Ojai Residents in need.