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Welcome to The Townies Podcast: Something like a mix between The Moth and Prairie Home Companion... if Lake Woebegone were real.

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Welcome back to The Townies Podcast and Episode 33, our very special season finale.

As we say goodbye to Season 1 and embark on the “Big What's Next” for Season 2, first and foremost we just want to say thank you all for making this first year and a half even better than we could have possibly imagined.

We are so grateful for all the storytellers who lent us their words and for all the listeners who took those words beyond the four walls of Kim Maxwell Studio. Thank you to our Songwriters and Guest Performers for contributing their amazing music and hilarious Townie Tidbits.

So, in celebration of what has been and what will come, in this episode we thought we’d have some of the spectacularly talented, tasteful and well-dressed Townies production crew talk about what Season 1 has meant to them.

We can’t wait to bring you even more stories from our amazing 805 in Season 2 of The Townies Podcast, returning in February 2019.

If there’s a particular story that you’d like to hear again but you can’t remember where you heard it, head on over to for a list of names and pieces in alphabetical order.

This episode features the following music by the following talented artists:

by Julie Christensen & Scott Wilk

by Felix Penny

by Rain Perry

by Tom Lennon

by Ken Eros & Jeff Evans

by Perla Batalla

A hometown kind-of-storytelling podcast featuring the original stories of the Ventura County residents who have been in Kim Maxwell's writing & performance class over the last 25 years.
Some of her students are professionals, some have never been on a stage before. All stories were written, performed and recorded at Kim Maxwell Studio in Ojai, CA.

Created by Kim Maxwell

Co-Produced by Lily Brown, Ken Eros & Asa Learmonth

Studio Engineering & Mixing by Eros Creative & Sound

Theme Song Written & Performed by Rain Perry

Recorded & Mixed by Martin Young

Mastered by Mark Hallman at The Congress House



Check out Episode 32 for an announcement regarding the excellent future of The Townies Podcast!

THE VESSEL written & performed by Judy Fisk Lucas: You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more positive than Miss Judy. Her warmth and compassion are contagious and she takes them everywhere she goes, just in case somebody needs em.

QUIEN SOY written & performed by Arturo: I had the great fortune of meeting Arturo when I did a workshop with the incomparable Mixteco/Indigenous Community Organizing Project in Oxnard. Arturo is a Ventura College student and activist with a huge heart and an excellent wardrobe.

You can find the English translation and the Spanish transcript of Arturo’s piece RIGHT HERE.


A MOMENT OF CHOICE written & performed by Theodora Holt: This fierce mom-of-one can bring a smile to your face on even the worst of days. Theo’s humor and grace are seemingly effortless, leading one to wonder: how does she do it?

WE'RE MEN, REMEMBER? written & performed by Jem Ruf & Luke Hamann: Jem and Luke are Nordhoff High School boys with big ambitions that include college, Hollywood, some good jazz music, and lots of swimming. And these two will be cracking each other up all the way along.

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Bios written by Lily Brown & Kim Maxwell


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